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Jan 14, 2016

Happy 2016 it is time to Awaken the Artistpreneurs everywhere and how can we help you if we ourselves do not awaken as well. In today's episode Tony "Tiger" Harrison and Shane Lee "Lion" Keeling talk about the upcoming events with Kung-Fu, Pugilism and Martial Arts we will be hosting starting in March 2016.

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Dec 4, 2015

Today's episode we discuss the B-I Triangle and how it applies to Artistpreneurs of all types. This is part of the financial intelligence foundation series and this basic tool provided by Rich Dad company is non optional when building a business and brand that will prosper and last.

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Jul 3, 2015

In episode 006 "What Every Artistpreneur Needs..." Shane Lee Keeling talks about the six components to building a thriving brand and business.

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Jun 11, 2015

In this episode Shane Lee Keeling explains the need for artists of all types to become entrepreneurial in all aspects of thier craft. From learning proper business methods to long term goals, vision and financial intelligence its time to awaken the Artistpreneur's everywhere...


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May 22, 2015

This episode Shane Lee Keeling explores that sometimes who people call pirates are really patriots. Now we are not talking about theives and villians but good men and woman who see that the only way to overcome these days is to live with passion and see the system fall. Shane offers some things to think about in terms of being unleveraged and see's everyone is a star who lives with passion. Imperfect but honest and committed to making a change while there is still time.

He refers to history, corporate monopolies and Black Sails the original program.

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May 8, 2015

Shane Lee Keeling the host of Band Connect Inc. explains the why of our podcast as well as points you to some useful free and paid tools and services we provide and are working on . Check out our site at for more infomation and thanks for listening, subscribing and promoting our Podcast.

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Apr 29, 2015

This episode Shane Lee Keeling of Band Connect Inc. talks with his brother former light heavyweight boxer and MMA fighter Seth "Killer" Keeling.

Seth shares his journey as a fighter from his heart and offers points to take away that apply to all of life. Seth's new venture Lion Tribe is based in Las Vegas and he is offering professional training and looking to train and mentor a new generation of champion Lions.  Contact us at for more information.

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