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Oct 5, 2015

In this episode John Lowe and Shane Lee Keeling talk about "The Brand of You..."

We also mention friends we are working with and their sites can be found here:

Ariella Blu: Ariella and Cedrics Page

Anthona Mc Neil:

Brian G. Soul: Brian's Facebook Page

Share the love, the podcast and feel free to call us anytime to leave a comment which we may just include in future episodes of the podcast.

We also announce our upcoming first annual TURKEY JAM as well as our tilt campaign and ways you can help us bring the Soul downtown as well as provide a helping hand to those here with genuine needs.

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Sep 27, 2015

Visit us at for more information

This is episode 10 the 10th annual Culture Fest Edition... Enjoy!

Sep 14, 2015

Live from the El Cortez episode 009 " Here is the Low Down..." of Band Connect the Podcast with your host Shane Lee Keeling as he talks with John Lowe and Ray about their joining the team of Band Connect Inc and things we are going to do together.  All is in the works now and our first live event will be hosted soon in Fabulous Original Downtown Las Vegas.

Check out our site and sign up for our event mailing list here to be informed of all the unique and fun filled events we will be hosting downtown.

Also if you have kids and want to come to Vegas we have not forgotten them and will be hosting events that will also include the whole family.

We also provide services, tools, and lot of opportunities for Artistpreneurs of all types from musicians, to actors to fighters. We can help you 10x your career.

Soon we will be adding your call in questions or comments to our show so call us at 888 637 9901 it is toll free to leave a brief message, question or comment we can include on the show.

For all other inquiries including press, spnsorship or advertisement opportunities contact us at or by phone at the number above.

Until next time...

Apr 27, 2015

Welcome to episode 001 of Band Connect Inc the Podcast with Tommy Darker  Tommy is a thought leader and musician and works to help artists take their art to the next level. Tommy has coined the phrase the Musicpreneur and his Darker Music Talks can be found on a regular basis on YouTube.

In this interview Shane Lee Keeling interviews him from Las Vegas. For more information check out our website at

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